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There has been a female Thor character in the recent past called Thor-Girl who wields her own hammer and possesses Thor’s power, though she was not created as a replacement. At least 2 previous male characters have replaced Thor for at least some time and one alien who manages to wield Mjolnir and gain Thor’s power. This alien is later granted his own hammer called Stormbreaker, which has the same worthiness enchantment as Mjolnir and is a recurring character. In a future timeline, Thor’s son, Magni, wields the hammer and power. In a company crossover, Wonder Woman wields Mjolnir and gains the power of Thor.

So for the first time, in an in continuity, non-crossover, a woman will wield Mjolnir and gain Thor’s power. She will take up the Thor mantle after he, for some reason, loses his worthiness (which has happened before). We don’t know who the woman is and we don’t know the exact circumstances. She will become the lead character in the book, yet Thor Odinson will still have a presence in it.

This very writer has already introduced Thor’s future adult granddaughter and she has wielded Stormbreaker and its power. It could easily be her who has traveled back in time (time travel has been common with this writer). Would it be so bad for his future granddaughter to wield his hammer when he becomes unworthy? I’ll reserve judgment until the story comes out.

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Bombay July 18, 2014 at 14:00
If only the rewrite groups could create stories using their own chosen characters, whatever they may be, instead of changing writings/legends that have been long established. So much for being creative and establishing an identity/history of their own. Why be creative when you can take over and miscellaneously destroy someone else’s work? Pathetic.