Random Esquire – hoo rah! You’re an honest man. Few and far between. But when you date a single mom… there’s another card I didn’t mention in this post – saying good bye to the children involved. I don’t even know how I will handle this in the future…b/c mine is still so young.

In this case – the guy used the “see ya later” approach combined with the “I still love you” approach and didn’t even say good bye to her daughter – after 11 months. Ugghh…sigh. And yes, Jenny, good she found out now and not later.

But this is something us single moms can’t forget…ever…if it ends…how will it end? Does he really love my children too? So complicated. Hence this blog and the reason behind it…trying to sort it all out.


5randomesq January 22, 2008 at 8:06 pm
I think Jenny hit the nail on the head with the confrontation issue. It strikes me as a reasonable, understandable reason why someone would want to avoid the entire issue – but I do also think it’s a lousy excuse. It makes sense – it just sucks.

I think wondering how/if it will end may be a human condition that, after just one difficult parting, haunts many of us.