Are you happy being a single mom? Do you even want to get married again?

UPDATE and for the record.

I’m not sure if I want to get married again, because I don’t have time to think about it. Please read some very interesting comments below between Jim and Dad’s House – two single fathers raising some very serious issues to this post. I don’t mean to gloat in my single parenthood. Just trying to make the best of the hand Benjamin and I were dealt. And in my opinion, compared to being with my ex-husband, it’s a fine hand

The founder of, Craig Newmark, says it often in interviews…”nerds make better lovers.” When I first read this I giggled to myself because I have been happily dating nerds now since becoming a single mother. Since switching to nerds the cool, suave guys don’t even phase me anymore. This is coming from a woman who used to date the hottest, slickest guys out there.

So with that said…here’s why nerds make better lovers:

It’s all about you…all of the time. Nerds always, always make sure you’re satisfied. Can’t emphasize this one enough. Why? Because if a man doesn’t take the time to satisfy you in bed do you really think he’ll take the time to satisfy you outside of bed?
They aren’t afraid to show their sensitive side.
They don’t care what people think about them – they’re confident in who they are.
They’re smart and determined.
Did I already mention that you will be completely satisfied? Yep. Completely.
To them – you are a queen.
They’re hilarious.